What FISP Does


FISP Provides

Suicide Prevention Educational Programs: The FISP training for Police, EMS, Teachers, Students, Clubs, Community Organizations, and their Staff Members.

Support for Survivors of Suicide Loss: Support Groups for Adults and Teens, Referrals, Survivor Packages, Survivor Conferences and Phone Support.

Prevention Programs: The HOPE Sunshine after school club is approved by the Broward County School Board for an entire school year curriculum engaging middle, high school and college students.


HOPE Sunshine Club members host weekly meetings, the Annual Hugs for HOPE Event at each school that has a HOPE Sunshine Club.

The HOPE Sunshine Club Teen Board where each club sends members to meet with other clubs officers to share information and help each other make their clubs better.

“The Solutions Unlimited Now”-SUN Program for Teens, College Students, Seniors, Spinal Cord Injured Adults, Mothers Recovering from Addiction


 Suicide Prevention Program Research in partnership with Nova Southeastern University.

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FISP Advocates for

Legislation and Better Mental Health Services to Prevent Suicide in Florida as a member of the Florida State Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council.

Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition

Broward Behaviorial Health Coalition

United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse Mental Health Promotion Action Team