Awareness is like the Sun, when it shines on things they are transformed..." Thich Nhat Hanh.

advocacy How you can help Legislatively? By working together with FISP and other agencies we will achieve our common goal together. Call or write your legislators. Ask them to continue funding Suicide Prevention and Mental Health initiatives in Florida. Go to the FSPC website or the state website to find your legislators. Become involved in this urgent mission to Prevent Suicide Now! Call our office today to get more information on how to join FISP now and help meet our state's goal to reduce suicide in Florida by one third. As a voting member of the State Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council, FISP contributed to the creation of the 2016-2020 Florida Suicide Prevention Plan. All donations for Advocacy will support FISP’s, participation in the Mental Health Promotion Action Team, calls and meeting with legislators, and community organizations to promote mental health funding, participation on the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Florida State Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council as a voting member since 2007, and will support FISP’s participation for 3 days of meetings, manning a table of handouts, and presentations in Tallahassee at the Annual Mental Health “Day at the Capital” for two FISP Staff members.
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