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By Jackie Rosen, FISP Executive Director/CEO Did you know that 12 Teens die each day by Suicide in the U.S.A.? That’s ONE every hour and 40 minutes! FISP works very hard to help change these statistics. Our Broward County has the most Suicides in our state Followed by Miami- Dade County. That is why FISP has started a new HOPE Clubs program to help teens in our local High Schools. HOPE Clubs stand for Helping Overcome Problems Effectively. The clubs provide a safe place for teens to get together and learn how to solve their problems while sharing fun times together. At the end of the year the clubs will hold a HUGS for HOPE Hug-a- Thon to educate the students in their school about important issues that affect teens. Take a look at the HOPE CLUB Page under Programs and let FISP know what you think and if you want to start a HOPE Club at your school. Tell us what issues you want to discuss. Tell your friends about this blog and ask them to join you in sharing their ideas. This page is just for teens and we welcome your help in making it relevant to your needs and issues. I will add articles about teens each month to help keep the blog interesting and up to date. We invite you to do the same.  

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  1. wp-adminBernesia says: Reply

    I enjoyed the blog. I am currently writing a research paper on teen suicide prevention. I chose this topic specifically for the reason that I was once considered suicidal. At the age of 14 I had a plan I was going to fulfill, but my friends notified authorities and I was admitted to the hospital. Okay any who, is it possible that instead of starting a HOPE club at my school I can do so in my neighborhood?

  2. admin says: Reply

    Please contact our office and we can discuss if this is possible where yo live. 954-384-0344

  3. Chet says: Reply

    “Blog for TEENS | The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention” in fact causes myself contemplate a
    tiny bit more. I enjoyed every particular section of it.
    I appreciate it -Maribel

    1. admin says: Reply

      So happy to hear you are exploring and sharing. Please let us know if you wnat any othere information to hwelp you and others. call us at 954-384-0344

  4. Aylin says: Reply

    Hello, my name is Aylin. I would really like to help out. I attempted suicide a few months ago and now I want to use that experience to help others and hopefully prevent other teens from making the same choice i did. If there is anything i can do, please let me know.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Please call our office and we will discuss what you can do to help. 954-384-0344

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