Blue, explores stigma police face concerning suicide

Blue,  a new documentary featuring Philadelphia police officers, explorers on the job stressors police officers face, and the backlash they face when trying to seek help to deal with them. Police officers are expected to handle their problems on their own, and  this isolation can often lead to depression and suicide.  Blue hopes to help break the persecution many officers face and inform the public and the law enforcement community alike that seeking help is not a weakness, but a strength. The makers have also released a free smart phone app to aid struggling police officers.  It includes a mental health assessment as well as information and contacts for those who choose to seek help.  FISP is currently developing a program for police officers that helps them deal effectively with job stressors and the persecution they face when trying to seek help.  The Shield Club will teach officers effective coping, problem solving, and stress management skills, as well as informing them about the dangers of remaining silent when struggling. BLUE TRAILER from Blue LLC. on Vimeo.

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