FISP Art of the Community “Not Alone! Expressions of Hope Project”

Art of Community

Expressions of Hope-"Not Alone" Improv Workshops brought to the LGBTQA Community in 2015

through matching funds from donors and

the Community Foundation of Broward



    3x15_1 The whole group in a thartical exercise             whol cast 3x2


Join the FUN!   Meet new people!  Get new skills!  All at no cost to you! Come learn all about Short and Long Improv techniques

In ten weekly 2 hour Improv Workshops

Adults and students 18 over are invited to participate              

Directed by: Robin Braun, Executive Artistic Director of the Inside Out Theatre Co. Robin Braun has served as the Executive Artistic Director of Inside Out Theatre since she co-founded the company in 1998. She earned a B.F.A. in Theatre/performance and a M.Ed. in Mental Health and School Counseling

Sponsored by the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention

LGBT Art of Community Not Alone Project

                                      Funded by donations and matching funds by the

 Community Foundation of Broward

That's right!  It is free to participate!

Call  954-384-0344 to sign up and join the fun!!     


Art of the Community Expressions of Hope - "Not Alone"    

Brought to the LGBTQA Community in 2013 

through a grant from

The Community Foundation of Broward

Learn more about the project process, interact with the cast,


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       Christine Michelle's story 

Cutting Scene

  What is a Lesbian


sponsorsPlease Contact Us For Upcoming Workshops at (954)384-0344

Bring your friends, colleagues, and family and learn how you can be part of the dialogue. You can make a huge impact on your community by coming together and letting your voice be heard. Your input and participation in the process of creating a multi-art presentation will help bring understand and change in how the community sees and deals with Suicide and Suicide Prevention. 

  3x2 Mitchell Garnt readjusting a theartical sculpture with Jessica Alfonso and Miguel Pumarol3x2 Mitchell Garnt readjusting a theartical sculpture with Jessica Alfonso and Miguel Pumarol