HOPE Sunshine Club Mission and Guide

The HOPE Sunshine Club Mission: The purpose of the HOPE Sunshine Clubs is to educate, support, and develop problem solving, coping and leadership skills, while fostering the prevention of suicide, bullying and substance abuse. The club members will learn to work together to accomplish a common goal of helping each other and their community.  The club meetings are held once a week for one hour with the club teacher sponsor in attendance. The student members are encouraged to be innovative and creative with each subject discussed.  Below is a guide to what the club weekly meetings will discuss and the subjects they will cover.  Students must have the flexibility to deal with whatever problems and issues they are dealing with whenever the need arises.  FISP will provide information about each subject to be explored and presented at the HUGS for HOPE Hug-a-Thon.  At meetings in which there are discussions chairs can be arranged in a circle.

Week One

Club Introduction

Week Two

Establish Club Rules  

Week Three

Discuss duties and responsibilities of Officers 

Week Four

Discussion of issues the club will explore

Week Five

Discuss the HUGS for HOPE Hug-a- thon to be held at the end of the school year.

Week Six-Eight


Week Nine

Discussion about bullying

Week Ten

Discussion about substance abuse 

Week Eleven

Discussion about Suicide Prevention 

Week Twelve

Discussion about Types of Brain diseases and disorders- Mental Health

Week Thirteen

Discussion the origins of Brain disease and disorders – Mental Health

Week Fourteen

Discussion about Stress how it affects you

Week Fifteen

Discussion of Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Week Sixteen

Discussion about Anger Management. What makes you angry?

Week Seventeen

Discussion about Distracted Driving

 Week Eighteen

Discuss what is important about having good Communication skills

Week Nineteen

Discuss Gender Identity  

Week Twenty

Discuss Dating Violence/Abuse

Week Twenty-One

Discuss the term Coping Skills

Week Twenty-Two

HUGS for HOPE Event