Introducing Sasha: New Survivor of Suicide Loss Contributor

Hello dear Readers: I'm Sasha and I will be posting weekly on the FISP blog. On December 7, 2005, I lost my youngest sister, Suedie, to suicide. It's taken me over 8 years to not only process this event, but to seek help. I have found so much support from F.I.S.P. and I hope that all of you find strength here too. Chances are, if you're reading this, that you have either lost a loved one to suicide or you have thought about taking your own life (or both). They say that one of the most therapeutic ways of coping with grief is to journal. It's not only a great way of expressing your feelings, but it's also a great way to understand them. I'd like to invite you to write in, to share your story and comment as often as you'd like - to share tips on what has helped you or ask for help, etc. Hopefully, by reading, sharing and participating, we can all find a way of moving forward together.

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