Self Evaluation

Looking for answers? Complete the assessment below.

Please be honest with yourself as you answer these. All answers are for your eyes only. The results are not stored.

1. There are times when I don’t feel safe.


2. I feel lonely, isolated or alienated.


3. I do not have a support system.


4. I feel helpless, hopeless or worthless.


5. I have considered suicide, and have or had a plan to carry it out.


6. I have considered how, when or where I would prefer to die.


7. I have access to the means to carry out a suicide, and know what means I would use.


8. I believe the method I would use will certainly result in my death, if I have considered or are considering suicide.


9. I have had suicidal thoughts, plans or attempts previously.


10. There is a history of suicide among my friends or family.


11. There are times when I feel my loved ones would be better without me.


12. Recently, I cannot or do not enjoy things that I usually enjoy (such as hanging out with friends, hobbies, eating favorite foods, school, work, etc).


13. I have recently experienced changes in my eating and sleeping.


14. I find that my emotions are difficult to handle. (sadness, anger, fear, grief, loss)


15. I have noticed a decrease in my energy lately.


16. I have answered some of these questions “True”, and have felt this way for at least one month.


17. I drink alcohol frequently, or use drugs.


18. I could not or will not agree to not hurt myself.


19. I sometimes feel that there is no one who can help me with my problems or how I feel.



For more, you can take the Mental Health America Screening, available in all Walgreens stores and online or Read Coping with Suicidal Thoughts to learn more.