Prestige Club HOOT Camp


FISP Partners with the Prestige Club to offer: HOOT CAMP!

Prestige Club CEO Polly Wilkie, Reports:
"On Thursday, Prestige Club and Partner FISP opened Hoot Camp at Dania Elementary. Each child received the Hoot Camp Shirt purchased by Ed Roer long time member. Dignitaries for the opening were Sheriff Al Lamberti, School Board Member Donna Korn, three (3) Dania Beach City Commissioners, and the School Superintendent. Thereafter, on Friday Hoot Camp started at Collins Elementary. It took one and half years but we finally DID IT. Members attending were Steve Feldman, Johnnine and Jasmine Porter, Ed Hickey Jeannete Smith, Wayne Eisen, and Stan Bostic, President and FISP Executive Director, Jackie Rosen." We at FISP are thrilled to have collaborated with this worthwhile program, where FISP contributes a 6 week curriculum to teach problem solving skills, coping skills, anger management, bullying prevention, drug prevention, and communication skills to our youth! Regards, Jackie Rosen,

Executive Director/CEO

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Prestige Hoot Camp Curriculum Report