Prestige Hoot Camp Curriculum Report


Prestige Hoot Camp Curriculum Report

First Six Week Hoot Camp Provided April 26, 2012 through May 31, 2012
at Dania Elementary School and Collins Elementary School
The Prestige Club formed a partnership with The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, FISP in order to work together towards the goal of supplying the first Hoot Camp experience to 125 fifth graders in two Dania schools.   FISP’s contribution was to develop and supply the six week in school classroom curriculum based on the FISP “Solutions Unlimited Now” SUN Problem Solving Program.  The program included six 1 hour classes teaching six urgent topics to enhance the 5th grade student’s ability to make the transformation into middle school with strengthened skills which will allow then to better cope with today’s stresses during the next year and all the years thereafter. The FISP Hoot Camp curriculum was provided to 125 students which included the entire 5th grade class at Dania Elementary, including 72 students and the entire 5th grade class at Collins Elementary School consisting of 52 students.  Three classes at each school were each facilitated by a Doctorial Psychology Student from Nova Southeastern University. FISP created the curriculum, hired and trained the facilitators . Two of the classes were held in one class room with two facilitators due to schoolroom constraints.  Each Facilitator was monitored by FISP through submission of daily class session reports, attendance reports, site visitation and personal contact.   The following URGENT topics were part of the curriculum:
  1. Problem solving skills
  2. Stress Management
  3. Anger Management
  4. Bullying Prevention
  5. Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention
  6. Communication Skills and styles
All of these skills are urgently needed to help these students manage the changes taking place in their lives.  The knowledge and insights learned in  these classes  give them the strength and self-esteem needed to better negotiate today’s fast paced technology based world and lead them to a more stress free successful and safe lives.   This curriculum was created by FISP’s employees and included a School Counselor who is the FISP Sun Program Coordinator , the  Executive Director, and a Doctorial Psychology Student who is the FISP Program Coordinator with the following objectives:  To give these possibly at-risk students the tools to”
  1. Understand the consequences of their actions when taken without thinking them through
  2. To resist the temptations of risky behaviors by not acting impulsively
  3. To understanding their feeling and reactions
  4. By learning empathy and the willingness to help themselves and others
  5. By learning how to communicate their needs and feelings appropriately
    In order to teach these concepts FISP made the curriculum fun and participatory by including: student participation in acting out situations, handouts, discussions, interactive participation in brainstorming answers to questions and problems, incentives such as treats, projects to take home and exercises.  It was designed to be fun while teaching important concepts to use in their daily life. Page 2 Attached are the daily classroom reports of each facilitator for their group (one report is for two groups that were in one room).  These reports explain the daily activities of each class room, the reactions of the students, and any problems that arose.  The general conclusion of all the facilitators was that the program ran very well and that the students enjoyed the participation.  Some students formed a relationship with the facilitator and talked to them after class.  All in all the students were very engaged in the various modalities used to teach the concept for each day.   Some shared family problems and were very open about how they felt.  All facilitators said that having the teachers in the room with them help keep the children focused and disciplined.  The teachers told FISP that they enjoyed the classes and learned concepts and exercises that would help them as much as the students.  They enjoyed by working with the facilitators and will continue reinforcing the concepts taught. Attached also are charts explaining the data collected in the pre and post surveys taken from each student that participated in both surveys.  It explains what answers were answered correctly in the pre-survey and or post-survey, what answers we answered incorrectly in the pre-survey and answered correctly in the post-survey and what answers were not answered in the post-survey correctly that were answered correctly in the pre-survey.  This gives a picture of the concepts learned and how effective those questions were in determining the success of the students understanding and learning the objectives of the curriculum.  It verifies that a large percentage of these subjects have been discussed before and were reinforced by the Hoot Camp program. FISP learned that the pre and post survey questions need to be clarified and more specific to the concepts taught.  They seem to be too generalized and therefore not a totally accurate gage of how much new information was learned according to what the children told the facilitators and the teachers.  The additional problem of not having the entire class period available to the facilitators for teaching the materials due to field trips and other out of classroom activities during the time the program was being taught greatly hindered the program materials complete coverage in the tike allowed.  This forced the program to be rushed in order to complete the much of the materials and not give the students enough time to indulge in the various knowledge reinforcing activities. The following percentages show that the program is a valid knowledge building curriculum that with data collection pre and post survey methods improvement and a full class period being allotted to the program  the data will show an increased effectiveness.
  Reinforced Learned Didn't Learn
Problem Solving




Coping Skills




Anger Managment




Bullying Prevention




Drug Prevention




Communication Skills




Together the Prestige Club and FISP have established a Hoot Camp classroom program prototype and we are both looking forward to serving many more students of various ages with the Hoot Club program. Prestige and FISP want to grow and consistently improve and continually adapt it to meet the needs of Broward’s middle and high school populations for the purpose of  expanding students skills and improve their ability to be successful in this competitive and challenging world of today and in the future.