Sunshine Club for Seniors

The SUNSHINE CLUB is an elder life skills group program. This program is designed to enhance a senior's ability to solve problems, find support, bond with peers, and enhance coping skills by working in a group setting with a trained professional mental health facilitator.


  • Once a week for ten weeks the group will meet for an hour and a half and discuss various issues that the group members choose.
  • Each week, group members will bring a problem or problems to the group. The group will help by being a team and working through the 10 steps of solving the problem.
  • It is important that when you come to the group you are able to set everything else aside and be ready to help other group members, just as they will be ready to help you.

SUNSHINE CLUB Ten Steps to Problem Solving

  1. Recognize that you have a problem.
  2. Identify the problem.
  3. Bring the problem to the group.
  4. Pretend the problem is your own.
  5. Brainstorm for possible solutions.
  6. Discuss pros and cons of possible solutions.
  7. Choose a good solution.
  8. Plan in detail how to carry out the solution.
  9. Carry out the plan.
  10. Report back to the group how the plan went.


It's okay to have fun, but we must be respectful of one another, which means only one person speaks at a time.

It is important that the group is confidential, so that it is safe to share information. What that means is what we talk about in the group stays in the group. The only exception is when someone's life or safety is in danger. Being a part of the SUNSHSINE CLUB group is voluntary. You should be in the group because you want to be.

Why be a SUNSHINE CLUB member?

  • To be part of a group and make friends.
  • To learn how to make better decisions.
  • To deal with today's society and solve problems.
  • To have support and help yourself & others.
SUNSHINE CLUB steps have been researched and shown to get great results. Seniors can benefit from this program by using their experience and knowledge in this structured program to help themselves and others cope with the everyday problems of aging. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! For more information contact: Phone: (954)-384-0344 Email: