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Learn Leadership, Problem-Solving, Coping and Social Skills. While Spending Quality Time Sharing With New Friends

The FISP SUN Program is a ten (10) step structured early intervention and prevention group program which teaches problem solving, coping and social skills to enhance protective factors and resiliency. It is designed to help members enhance decision-making, social and coping skills; reduce impulsivity; prevent self-­destructive behaviors; enhance feelings of self­-worth and competency. SUN program groups create a caring environment and community climate in which adolescents can feel safe and learn to trust peers and adults.

FISP SUN groups meet once a week for one and a half hours for ten weeks. Each participant receives a brochure with the explanation of the program, snacks at each meeting and is rewarded with a pizza party and completion certificate at the conclusion of the ten weeks if they attend at least eight meetings.

The FISP SUN Programs offers a confidential support system in a safe, easily accessible environment where participants can seek help without stigma or embarrassment at school or a local community organization. Groups are held in familiar setting where group members can express their problems in a peer driven group, always facilitated by a FISP trained mental health professional facilitator. The groups are completely confidential with the only exception being when a participant is at risk for self­-destructive behavior or dangerously destructive behavior towards others.

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